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Who We Are

DITO Inc. is a charitable community development organization founded in 2013 and based in Philadelphia, PA. Its vision was ignited by a young social work professional burdened by the worsening conditions of Philadelphia’s urban community. After witnessing motivated youth and adults fall victim to poverty, violence, and addiction afflicting their neighborhoods; she knew a change must occur. For several months DITO Inc. was just a personal undertaking among friends and family; which organically grew into an organized mission. Encouraging individuals to become educated, demand safety within their neighborhoods and dream the impossible is the core of DITO’s purpose. At DITO Inc., we do not believe in ignoring underprivileged neighborhoods, we see its potential and work to better its challenges. 


Tiara Council

CEO & Founder

Tiara L. Counil is a Phila, PA native. She received her bachelors in social work with a minor in sociology from Mansfield University; in 2009. In 2013, she obtained her masters in social work with a concentration in policy and community organizing from Temple University. For several years she has worked with the Dept of Human Services; in foster care. After working within foster care, she obtained experience with populations of mental health and homelessness. Throughout her career she has organized drug awareness events for children, Medicaid Expansion Rallies and co-conducted a political committee within RHD. Currently she works with homeless indivudals with mental health diagnoses to better communities and alleviate the burdens of poverty.


Serivce Overview

DITO Inc.'s program’s interventions consist of four working phrases designed to empower the residents and their community. These four phases are broken into stages called: (1) Outreach, (2) Service Planning, (3) Implementation and (4) Dissolution/Preservation. Each stage is time limited and task oriented to ensure quality of service. DITO Inc. believes in partnering with communities to build service plans based on their desired goals. We work to empower individuals and communities to believe the ideas they have for themselves and communities are feasible.


Outreach (5 months)

-Comm. Organizing

-Service Intro


-Goal Retrieval


In this phrase of service DITO's Outreach Division begins organizing and engaging the community. The goal of this intervention is to acquemate the community to DITO Inc. and begin the intake process. 



Services Planning (5 months)

-Service Plans

-Internal Review



In this phase DITO's Outreach Divison begin creating communal and individual service plans from the goals retrieved in Phase 1. During this phase, other divisions (Educational, Therapeutic Recreation and Community Development) are given the service plans to begin planning implementation. 



Implementation (6 months)

-Tasks Building




In this phase all corresponding divisions (Educational, Therapeutic Recreation, and Community Development) draft time limited tasks from Phase 2 service plans.  During this phase the goal is to begin working within the community and with the individual. Within this phase monthly check ins occur to ensure quality assurance.


Dissolution/Preservation (2 months)




In this phase all corresponding divisions (Educational, Therapeutic Recreation, and Community Development) collectively meet within the organization and community to assess progress. During this phase the outcomes of the goals are examined to determine whether dissolution is feasible. Within this phase, additional time (six months) can be added or referrals made to ensure growth continues.

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