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The Mission 

D.I.T.O's mission is to revitalize impoverished communities into safer, cleaner and progressive neighborhoods for its residents. Our charge is to combat negative effects of poverty such as poor education, criminality and unhealthiness, which plague diminishing neighborhoods. DITO desires for everyone to have a community they are proud of, can positively contribute to and grown in; regardless of economic status. It is our belief that a community is only as strong as its residents.


The Purpose

DITO purposes to fights the burden of poverty within urban communities through agricultural programs and wellness education. We better the lives of individuals and families by serving them with healthy sustainable food, while teaching them the skills needed to grow independently. By also providing a green space that promotes community cohesion, positive recreation and wellness techniques. Our passionate team believes that by meeting individuals basic health needs, while providing wellness skills and access to positive recreation we address the multifaceted issue of poverty.

Our Values
  • Respect the dignity and worth of each individual

  • Diverse Thinking

  • Group Empowerment

  • Delegation of Authority

  • Safe and Open Environment

  • Creativity

  • Honesty and Trust

  • Diversity

  • Organizational Integrity

  • Ongoing Growth and Development

  • Personal and Professional Enrichment

  • Quality Service

  • Positive Attitude


Dream Invent Think Organize Inc.

D.I.T.O fights the burden of poverty and violence in urban communities. Building safer, cleaner, and united neighborhoods; through urban farming & wellness education. 

Bring 100% Organic Affordable Foods to the Community Today!

About Us

DITO Inc. is a 501c3 community development organization founded in 2013 and based in West Oak Lane of Philadelphia, PA. It began with a social worker native to West Oak Lane tired of seeing her neighborhood decline from drugs and poverty. What started as a personal venture to clear a 20-year vacant plot used for illicit activity, quickly blossomed into a holistic plan for communal restoration. Since DITO’s inception, it has continued to grow both in services and community. Today, DITO Inc. provides educational agriculture courses and organic produce to youth and families; from that once blighted plot. It also provides a weekly food bank coupled with wellness courses that has fed over 1000 families. Over the years DITO Inc. has built working partnerships with non-profits, universities, religious organizations and political figures to ensure urban communities remain properly serviced.

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