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Help preserve Urban Agriculture by joining the cause to secure land. Gardens across Philadelphia that provide healthy food and a green space to food insecure communities are in danger of closing. Due to growing trends of gentrification[1] gardens and homes in low-income communities (predominately communities of color) are being threatened for development. By uniting with gardeners to protect green space, you are not only ensuring access to healthy food but fighting to ensure your communities remain intact.


[1] Gentrification-process of renovating low-income urban neighborhoods by means of the influx of more affluent residents; often resulting in the displacement of earlier poorer residents)

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Things To Know



After gaining necessary information about your land you need to know the stake holders. Who has power to help? Your local politicians make important decisions regarding land use. These decisions can and should be influenced by you!

Having information about your community is key to land security. Ask yourself, Does my community need a garden? Is my community a food desert? Are vacant lots an issue in my neighborhood? This will motivate your communal backing. 

In order to secure your land you must know your land! Knowing your lands owner, value, history and zoning prepares you for planning and discussion. All these factor will determine if and how your land can be utilized. 

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How You Can Help

1. Use Your Voting      Power

To influence land control and business in your area you must make your voice heard. Becoming a voting constituent enables you to ensure your elected officials work for your community. Make sure you register to vote by October 9th to vote in November. Feel free to use our voter registration below engine to join the cause. If you don't know where you vote click the button below! 

2. know your elected         officials 

Knowing what your elected officials stand for is crucial in policy reform and community advocacy. It's the job of your officials to make rules that control how your community functions. That's why we want to make it easier for you to access information regarding legislation, meetings, and current proposals. Feel free to browse Philadelphia's Council website by clicking below. 

3. attend land reform       meetings 

There are several organizations dedicated to the rights of growers and land. With so many policies changing frequently and little resources meetings are important! To become a change advocate in the way land is used we need your participation. Sign up below if you want to join the movement. 

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